Amana Trading & Mining uses its two crushing lines installed in one of the biggest rock phosphate mines in Egypt to crush thousands of tons of Rock Phosphate every day.

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Fertilizer Trading

Mediterranean Fertilizers is the fertilizer and fertilizer raw materials selling arm of the Group. It sells fertilizer raw materials in bulk and containers to multinationals located in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe, etc.
Its fertilizers are also sold to different countries mainly in East Africa through the company’s network of local companies.

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Granulated NPK Production

Futurefert is one of the first compound granulated factories in Egypt, producing NPK mainly. The company uses state of the art technologies that guarantee homogeneous production and ensure that each granule produced contains all the nutrients required in the formulation. Quality control is one of Futurefert’s priorities!

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Amana Trading & Mining ensures the logistics related to the rock phosphate purchased from the Egyptian mines.
The company handles inland transportation, warehousing, drying and bagging of rock phosphates. The company can also containerize the products and dispatch them worldwide.

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Cable Production

BICC Cables produces low voltage cables in its Egypt-based factory and is considered as one of the finest in the market. The production meets international standards and is therefore exported to multinational companies according to their desired requirements.

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Ready Mixed Concrete

Amana Ready Mixed Concrete is one of the main concrete suppliers of the new under construction Cairo City Administration. The reputation of the company among first-class contractors in Egypt is excellent because of the high quality of its products and the efficient service provided through its large fleet of mixer trucks and concrete pumps.

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Latest News

  • – Attendance of Mediterranean Fertilizers to the IFA Annual Conference, May 30 – June 1 2022 at Vienna
  • Attendance of Mediterranean Fertilizers to the IFA Annual Conference, September 2021 at Lisbon – Portugal
  • Attendance of Mediterranean Fertilizers to Argus Added Value Fertilizers Africa, September 2019 at Nairobi – Kenya
  • Attendance of Futurefert to the Sahara Forum, September 2019 at Cairo – Egypt
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